Taking Breaks And Staying In Control In Online Gambling-Everything You Need To Know.

How can out of control gambling affect a workplace?

Reducing productivity, increasing absence, theft and fraud are some of the ways out of control gambling can have an impact on the workplace. An employee who gambles during working hours, using their smart phone to place bets or play online Poker is not focused on work and not using work time effectively. An employee who develops a gambling problem and gambles outside of work hours may be absent from work more often, taking extended lunch breaks to gamble or even missing parts of or full work days. An employee who has a problem with gambling and has access to company finances may abuse their position in the workplace to fund their gambling addiction. A study of major court cases between 2008-2010 identified over $77 million lost, with employers the biggest victims of gambling related crime, because those who have done this and been caught are often found to have behaved completely out of character.